Pouches in the fast lane

The consumption of snus or nicotine pouches (nicotine pouches) is growing rapidly. 
We offer the corresponding platform - for consumers and exhibitors.

At PouchEx, exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products to visitors, to educate them, to network
and to be one step ahead of their competitors and benefit from the boom in nicotine pouches.

Visitors have the opportunity to have manufacturers present their products directly to them, get advice or discover new products for themselves.
Give the manufacturer direct feedback and buy at favorable trade fair prices!


Product categories covered

Oral pouches
Dissolvable strips/films
Lozenges, candies, jellies, gummies
Extract beverages and edibles
Tablets, capsules, pills, tinctures, powder
Oral gels and sprays

Throughout this forum, you'll have the chance to:

Connect with industry peers

Meet the trailblazers who are shaping the future of modern oral products and engage with manufacturers redefining the landscape, and distributors bringing these innovative solutions to consumers worldwide.

Discover Cutting-Edge Technologies

Explore the latest trends in packaging and components manufacturing, as well as the newest products designed to provide safer alternatives to smoking, and witness firsthand the future of harm reduction.

Innovate and Collaborate

Join engaging conference sessions led by thought leaders, researchers, and visionaries. Dive into insightful discussions about the challenges and opportunities in this dynamic sector.

Expand Your Network

Forge meaningful connections with like-minded professionals, from startups to established industry giants. Share experiences, insights, and strategies that will propel your business forward.

Ignite Change

Be part of a global movement towards healthier choices. Together, we can reduce harm and improve lives.